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ARABICA Light Therapy Panel


Light therapy panel - ARABICA
With a modern, contemporary and elegant appearance, the Arabica lamp has been designed to provide a home treatment.

By generating 10,000 lux at a practical distance of about 20cm, Arabica produces the same light intensity as a spring morning, and about 20 times that of a well-lit office.

Its size makes it easy to handle and store.

AURORA DIM Light Therapy Lamp


Aurora DIM is a light therapy lamp with a modern design that can also be used as a mood lamp.

It is an elegant light therapy lamp for the treatment of seasonal depression (SAD).

With its innovative circular design, this light therapy lamp is one of the most elegant lamps available on the market today.

LUMIE® BRAZIL® Light Therapy Panel


Power and line purity. Ideal for a light therapy session in a group or even with the family in the morning for breakfast. LUMIE® BRAZIL offers summer light all year round to raise your mood, stimulate your concentration and restore your energy.

Specially designed for trade shows, it is the most powerful light therapy device in the range of the English manufacturer LUMIE.
Medical approval CE-0473

BRIGHTSPARK Light Therapy Panel


It provides you with the recommended amount of light to stay healthy. To be optimistic and energetic all year round, even in winter!

The Bright Spark light therapy lamp is developed by Outside In, a European specialist in light therapy, which also develops the Lumie dawn simulator range. With 12 years of research and development on the therapeutic effects of light on seasonal depression and on the biological rhythms of the human body, Outside In offers unique light therapy products.

Travel LED Pod Lite Pod


Small in size, the LED LitePod can produce a brightness of up to 10,000 lux.

It is the ideal light therapy device for your travels.

It helps to fight against the following symptoms:

- time difference;

- sleep disorders;

- energy drop;

- lack of concentration;

- seasonal depression

Innosol Mesa Mega 160 High Performance Light Therapy Lamp


Thanks to its comfortable treatment distance, this lamp is recommended for intensive use of light therapy and/or for use by several people simultaneously.

INNOLUX Mesa 160 is a powerful light therapy lamp for the treatment of seasonal depression (SAD).

It is equipped with the latest technology: two 80 Watt fluorescents tubes produce a homogeneous white light around the lamp, at a frequency of 30000 hertz...

Innosol Rondo light therapy lamp


The round and balanced shape of the Rondo light therapy lamp brings the sun into your home.

It is ideal as a decorative object, and for occasional light therapy.

INNOLUX Rondo is an elegant light therapy lamp for the treatment of seasonal depression (SAD).

Its circular and harmonic design represents a warm image of the sun and summer.

Beurer TL 30 light therapy lamp


Daylight Lamp with Office and Travel LED.
Luminotherapy lamp TL 30: balances the lack of light.

During the fall or winter, lack of light can lead to various symptoms of depression and hormonal disorders such as:

    Feeling of Imbalance
    Bad mood
    Lack of energy and motivation
    General discomfort

Artificial light cannot compensate for these effects.
This special daylight lamp can influence our hormonal balance, without drugs and can be used in a preventive or therapeutic way.

Compact format with LED technology, ideal for the office or when travelling.
Simulation of sunlight: Light intensity of en. 10,000 Lux
Certified medical product

3 year warranty

Beurer TL40 light therapy lamp


Artificial office light does not replace daylight, but this light therapy lamp allows you to compensate for the lack of light. Its compact size makes it ideal for any office.

    Compact size
    Ideal for the office
    Particularly uniform lighting
    Light intensity of approx. 10,000 lux (distance 15 cm)
    Uninterrupted light
    Flicker-free and UV-free
    Energy-saving lighting
    Convenient one-button operation
    Extendable foot
    With hanging possibility for wall mounting
    Medical product