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Bach flowers

Bach flowers, floral elixir

Discover the Bach flowers, flower essences that are used to treat all kinds of emotional states and without any cons indication. Dr. Bach has grouped 38 that correspond to different states such as fear, hypersensitivity, uncertainty etc. Determine your emotional state and opt for the corresponding Bach flower, it can also relieve you of physical problems, because do not forget, our emotional pain is often the cause of physical ailments.

Bach flowers

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Bach Flowers-Rescue Remedy 10ml


This relief remedy according to the methods of Dr. Bach consists of 5 different flower essences (Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Impatient, Prunus and Clematis), is intended to overcome the emotional urgency.

It should therefore always be kept handy since it can relieve in sudden exceptional circumstances.

Ingredients from organic farming.

Bach flower-Organic floral elixir N ° 30 Elm


The Elm floral elixir according to the methods of Dr. Bach aims to restore confidence to the individual so that, with a new strength, he assumes his responsibilities again.

Negative emotions felt: temporary inability to perform a task.

Ingredients from organic farming.