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PUR AIR bulb

PUR AIR bulb

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Ionizing and Full Spectrum Bulb HELA 15 W E14 base (small screw base) - ELECOLIGHT


The Elecolight Clean Air range removes fumes, dust and airborne particles.
It destroys unpleasant odours and provides a feeling of freshness, as in the forest and by the water.

It respects the properties of light therapy bulbs: colour temperature, CRI, light characteristics.
It has no therapeutic effect but provides a light for well-being.

Elecolight Clean Air bulbs are widely used in shops, offices and private spaces.

Covers about 15 m2.

MULTICOLOR HELA LED Ionizing LED bulb LED-M cap E27 (large screw cap) - ELECOLIGHT


This bulb is particularly suitable for children\'s rooms.

It offers two complementary functions:

- It purifies the air in the chamber by ionization,

- It serves as a night light by diffusing a soft and multicoloured light.

The AirPur LED bulb of the Elecolight range, of very low consumption 3 watts, is to be used in a room, office, toilet... where one wants to purify the air, neutralize smoke, destroy bad smells, without generating lighting.
It remains a decorative bulb with changing colours, which is left lit 24 hours a day to obtain very good results.