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Spray Bottle empty


These empty mixer bottles are ideal for making up Bach Flower Remedy combinations, or mixing the deeper acting Essences into any unique combinations.

Content ml 30

Empty Mixer Bottle


These empty mixer bottles are ideal for making up Bach Flower Remedy combinations, or mixing the deeper acting Essences into any unique combinations.

Content ml 25

Chakra Essence SET of 10 bottles


Chakras make up for one of the body\'s most recognised energy systems. Our set of Chakra Essences contains ten Flower, Gem & Crystal Essence combinations working to balance and activate the seven main chakras, and three important minor chakra points, allowing the personality to fully integrate the level of consciousness that each chakra represents. 

Lily, Flower Essence


Lily, Karmic Flower Essence.

Spiritual Connection: The Lily essence is for the spiritually insecure, bringing peace, serenity and comfort. These souls are finally reaching their destination or life\'s purpose, bringing recognition of their whole spiritual being. This realisation can bring great feelings of insecurity and until they can actually become at one with their spirit, they can easily have their faith and security shaken, sometimes rocking their very foundations. This remedy will bring back emotional and spiritual balance so that these souls can carry on, safe in the knowledge that God, Creator of all things, is guiding them and their foundations will, once again, become as solid as a rock.

Geranium, Flower Essence


Geranium, Karmic Flower Essence

Bringing in the Light: For those still in the dark, gloom, possibly even despair, but recognising the need to contact their spirituality. Like a person in a darkened room, moving around, bumping into things but unable to find that light switch. This is their essence. Their fingers will find the switch and their whole being will be flooded with light and love, which in turn will illuminate the world.

Fuchsia, Flower Essence


Fuchsia, Karmic Flower Essence.

Opening the Heart Chakra:  A wonderful essence for dislodging and releasing blocked energy. Fuchsia opens up the heart chakra, bringing out all which has been locked inside. The floodgates will open releasing any pent-up emotions which are causing blockages preventing spiritual atonement. Once these emotions have been recognised, they can be treated and worked through; this is a very important part of the learning process. The resultant emotions can be treated with flower essences from the leaflet or the seven Karmic Essences, as it is then that the person can recognise their karmic lessons, duties and obligations; releasing and transmuting them, thus bringing about a complete healing.

Yellow Rattle, Flower Essence


Yellow Rattle, Karmic Flower Essence.

Despondancy & Despair: Yellow Rattle. Those in need of this essence carry an innate sadness and melancholy from previous lifetimes that they are often unable to express, and which causes recurring and apparently unfounded feelings of hopelessness and despair to surface in their current lives. The intense sadness of this state is not easy to understand as the originating issue has been deeply buried in the unconscious. Taking Yellow Rattle will gently help to bring this old energy back into consciousness for release and transmutation.

Water Lily, Flower Essence


Water Lily, Karmic Flower Essence

Longrines: Water Lily. Deep feelings of loneliness or isolation usually originate from experiences in other lifetimes where we have perhaps been unable to communicate with those around us or experienced great grief or sadness, which has left deep emotional scars in the heart. This can sometimes lead to the personality choosing not to engage with others through a reluctance to experience these feelings again. Karmic Water Lily is the essence to help us to gently dispel these feelings.

Wild Orchid, Flower Essence


Wild Orchid, Karmic Flower Essence

Uncertainty: Wild Orchid. Feelings of uncertainty originate from a belief in separation from Source and therefore from the higher aspects of ourselves. Without this connection we are unable to guide ourselves through life from an intuitive knowing of what is right for us and so fall into doubt and uncertainty. Wild Orchid dispels the deep-rooted energies of doubt and uncertainty, raising our consciousness so that once again we are able to feel our connection with Source.

Pink Rose, Flower Essence


Pink Rose, Karmic Flower Essence.

Fear: Pink Rose is an extremely powerful essence to help release and neutralise deep-rooted fears. Fearful and traumatic experiences have been part of life on Earth for thousands of years, and many people still have the emotional memory of these experiences locked away in their unconscious. This is what we call karmic fear, because there is still a lesson to be learnt through the process of consciously overcoming the fear. This kind of fear is often the root cause of physical complaints like asthma or eczema.

Valerian, Flower Essence


Valerian, Karmic Flower Essence

Lack of Interest: Valerian helps to balance the different ways in which we prevent ourselves from being fully present in the NOW. Whether that is preferring to live in past ‘happier’ times or to live in an imaginary future where life will be ‘better’ than the present, or perhaps because of an overactive mind prevents you from fully experiencing what is going on around you. These are all states that are indicative of a deep reluctance in the personality to fully take part in life, or to completely occupy the physical body. This is a very common state in many of us. Valerian is the deep acting essence that will help us to move the energy of these old patterns.

White Bluebell, Flower Essence


White Bluebell, Karmic Flower Essence

Oversensitivity: White Bluebell. All of the remedies in the Oversensitivity group express different ways in which the personality reacts to the feelings of vulnerability created by extreme sensitivity to the emotional and mental energies of others. Those in need of this essence are acutely and uncomfortably aware of the thoughts and emotions of others and are often unable to recognise that these are not their own emotions. This sensitivity is a wonderful tool when in balance but to use it to advantage it is necessary to be able to consciously separate what is your own energy from that of those around you.

Karmic Flower Essences set of 10


Set of 10 Karmic Essences, 1 bottle of each.

Karmic Essences are a powerful set of flower essences that can help to open the inner doorways and take you straight to the heart of an issue, promoting a swift release of any unconscious belief pattern that is holding you back.
Simple and easy to use they link directly into the seven personality groups identified by Dr Edward Bach.
These Karmic  Essences can be stocked individually or in sets, and we offer a colour poster showing the Bach groups and Karmic Essences.