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Organic liquid soap

Our natural liquid soaps

Find our selection of organic liquid soap with natural ingredients to take care of your skin. For a daily cleaning respectful of your body and the environment.

Organic liquid soap

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Aleppo Liquid Soap in dispenser bottle ORGANIC


Our soap is dermatologically tested. This means that our products are checked by independent scientists and analysed referring to their application and compatibility. Aleppo soap certificate is Grade A: "very good".

Directions: Miraculously suitable for cleansing face, hands and the whole body while having a shower. It provides the skin with daily moisture and nourishment. Since no artificial additives are used, and the main ingredient of the soap is olive oil, it is also suitable for baby skin care.

* Without animal ingredients
* No artificial colours
* No artificial perfumes
* No preservatives
* End product made without animal testing
* Dermatologically tested

Content ml 500