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Holy Lama Naturals Deodorant


A deodorant with 100% natural ingredients, suitable for all skin types.
Free of sulphates and parabens. Not tested on aminals.

Holy Lama Naturals Deodorant keeps you feeling fresh all day long. Its key ingredient is potash alum – a naturally occurring antiseptic mineral used to inhibit the growth of odour-generating bacteria. Our deodorant offers a healthy alternative to many other products, since the skin does not absorb this mineral. A botanical blend of pure vanilla, ylang ylang, petitgrain and rosemary will leave you feeling refreshed and confident.


Skin care Alum stone Body Deodorant Stick


Use: After washing, showering or bathing, wet the alum block and apply to the affected area, such as after shaving or epilation to calm the skin. Also used as a natural deodorant. Rinse after use.

Composition: Potassium Alum.

Weight grams 100

Roll On Efficient Long-Lasting Organic Deodorant


A ball format that naturally and durably fights bad smells.

Thanks to alum crystals, the long-lasting effective deodorant regulates perspiration, without blocking it and acts effectively on the bacteria responsible for bad smells. Meadowsweet floral water enhances deodorant effectiveness thanks to its purifying and astringent properties.
Sweet almond oil moisturizes** and revitalizes the skin to make it softer and more beautiful.
The fragrance, 100% natural in origin, reveals very light and mixed notes.