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Ayurvedic Palo Santo 15g incense


Palo Santo incense of the excellent brand AGARBATHI WORKS  Ayurvedic.

Ayurvedic Palo Santo Masala incense sticks unique blend of rare herbs, flowers, honey, resins et oils. It is from tonic materials which gives you refreshing and soothing scent of Palo Santo Masala that lifts you beyond the realms of your dreams.
Palo Santo Masala incense sticks caress your mind and soul with its flavour right through the day and makes you long to go back to its presence. It touches your sences and lingers on and on creating a dreamy..

Rapeseed wax scented candle Palo Santo


This ecological Palo Santo scented candle is made from 100% vegetable rapeseed wax, with the addition of pure Palo Santo oil. Palo Santo has a strong cleaning and purifying effect, which gives rooms in the house a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. This Palo Santo rapeseed wax candle was developed by Phoenix Import and made in a traditional way in Belgium.

The glass with traditional Peruvian pattern can be re-used when empty, as atmospheric lighting.
With this candle of Fair Trade quality and a long burning time, you are assured of many pleasant hours in an optimised ambiance.

Incense bricks Aromafume Palo Santo


Aromafume incense bricks Palo Santo, nine pieces per box.

Caution: Can only be used with an exotic incense diffuser. These are specially designed to reach the right temperature for the diffusion of the aromas of Aromafume incense bricks and for safe use. Other devices are not suitable!

Natural smudge spray with Palo Santo Aromafume


Space purifies your home from negative stagnant energy with a few sprays of Natural Smudge Spray from Aromafume. This sacred mist offers all the benefits of smudge, without smoke. Leaves a light, pleasant aroma that gently dissipates into the space, leaving it calm and energized.

Palo Santo Ayurvedic Discharge Incense Cones


Ayurvedic incense cones for backflow incense burners, with natural ingredients only. Through the air holes, the smoke flows like a waterfall and creates a beautiful effect.
Only suitable for backflow incense burners. Does not work with ordinary incense burners.

Box of 10 cones

Palo Santo Discharge Incense Cones


Incense cones for backflow incense burners. Via the air holes, the smoke flows like a waterfall and creates a beautiful, serene effect.

Also order the displacement incense burners (art. 05709 + 05710).
Does not work with regular incense burners.

How to use
Burn the tip of the incense cone and wait for it to burn evenly. Blow out the flame and place the cone on the discharge incense burner.

Box of 24 cones

Encens Marco Polo's Treasures Paolo Santo 20g


Palo Santo (Burserea graveolens):

Origin: Ecuador.
This tree has been used since ancient times, including by the Incas, as a remedy for spiritual cleansing and for clearing spaces of negative energy. It repels mosquitoes and flies. It is an anti-anxiety and anti-depressant. It harmonizes the body, mind and spirit and helps to restore the inner balance. For this reason, it is called "The smell of the soul".