Secure payment by credit card 

3D Secure

The online shop uses the 3D Secure protection to secure your credit card payments on the Internet, it will be asked to you to authenticate you during every payment to make sure that you are well the holder of the used card.

Your authentification is made by the seizure of a single-use code or a specific information asked by your bank (code, date of birth), the reception of the code is made by SMS if the phone number registered at your bank is a mobile or by vocal message for a fixed post. According to your bank he can be also asked you date of birth, answer to a secret question...

In case of wrong seizure on the code or the asked information the payment cannot take place.

Protocol SSL

During the online payment to be redirected to you towards the system of electronic payment of the bank, you seize your information of bank card on pages highly secured by the protocol SSL (Secure Socket Layer) All the communications between the retail website and the servers of the banking system are controlled and coded so as to assure the confidentiality.

Paiement sécurisé