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Encens anges et archanges

Encens anges et archanges

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Three Kings Resin Incense 60 g


Resin Three mages of Song Of India brand

The Three Mages resin is composed of the best natural resins in the world, once burned they emit a sacred smoke and a pleasant fragrance that releases the negative energies, connect us to high vibrations. They are also used to heal, balance and protect our physical and energetic bodies. To burn Tree Kings incense, you need an external heat source (like our natural coal pellets). Our incense is used in many religious or spiritual ceremonies. Some companies use incense to welcome guests, or to ward off evil spirits from home.

Archangel Saint Michel resin incense 60g


The Saint Michel resin to burn on a burning coal. In the image of the archangel that earned him his name, the incense Saint Michel is very effective for everything related to protection, especially when consumed during a ritual. He is able to purify the house by ridding it of evil spirits, and bringing peace and harmony into your home.

Divine healing incense HEM 20g


Divine Healing Incense from the brand HEM

An Indian incense with mystical virtues, known to facilitate spiritual meditation and invocations favoring energy currents favorable to divine healing
An irresistible incense, creates an aura of religiosity that prevails, inhale deeply to purify the soul and spirit.

Incense Archangel Saint Gabriel KRISHAN


Archangel Saint Gabriel incense stick by KRISHAN.

Sandalwood scent incense sticks to burn on Wednesdays, will bring you guides, discipline and will order our life and our environment. Help to find a house or an office. Against discouragement & laziness.