Three Kings Resin Incense 60 g

Resin Three mages of Song Of India brand

The Three Mages resin is composed of the best natural resins in the world, once burned they emit a sacred smoke and a pleasant fragrance that releases the negative energies, connect us to high vibrations. They are also used to heal, balance and protect our physical and energetic bodies. To burn Tree Kings incense, you need an external heat source (like our natural coal pellets). Our incense is used in many religious or spiritual ceremonies. Some companies use incense to welcome guests, or to ward off evil spirits from home.





Resins obtained in natural ways. It is burned on charcoal lit for the purpose of raising aroma, rituals and prayers. It purifies the air, creates a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere.

Instructions for use: Begin by adding a very small amount of resin directly to the sieve or the charcoal. Keep out of reach of children and pets. For the purpose of burning only. Not for internal consumption.


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60 g