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Incense grain and resin

Discover our wide range of resin incense through the biggest brands. Japanese incense, Indian Ayurvedic or Tibetan incense, they will delicately perfume your home and make you enjoy their benefits. Also find the incense grains spiritual and esoteric to use during your meditations.

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Incense Resin Dragon's Blood 60g


Dragon\'s Blood Resin is used to increase potency through its powerful scent of herbs and spices. Dragon\'s blood resin has been used for thousands of years in India as part of rituals to chase evil and negativity.

Chakra Energy Resin Incense 60g


Chakra Energiy incense is used to purify and chase the negative from your body.
Incense has long been used by priests, magicians ... incense is burned during a religious or magical ritual to establish the link between the cosmic forces and the earth. He is the messenger of prayers and invocations.
The Chakra Energie resin is the element of each chakra and allows you to boost your chakras.

Myrrh resin incense 60g


Protects from evil spirits (especially ghosts and furies that spread evil), used in fumigations for healing, meditation, contemplation. Its smoke can be used to purify food before an offering.
Myrrh is a universal fragrance for rites of worship. It causes religious admiration. It is therefore the perfume of the mystics. It will be used especially for rites of praise.
The recitation of the rosary or litanies accompanied by fumigations of myrrh before bed facilitates the mystical ecstasies and allows the accumulation of great blessings and protections in all areas.

Résine Encens Benjoin 35g


Benzoin incense is an important protector and purifier of the house. Benzoin calms the mind and promotes contemplation. It is considered an incense that helps to fight excesses of all kinds. He hunts down depressive tendencies and black ideas. He awakens enthusiasm, idealism and kindness. Benzoin is the symbol par excellence of prosperity and purification. He favors visions and helps personal spiritual evolution.

Styrax incense resin 25g


Styrax is a scented resin that is derived from certain tree species, and is used either as incense or herbal medicine. Originally from Asia Minor and the eastern Mediterranean, it was extracted only from the styrax tree (Styrax officinalis). Then the extraction of the majority of this resin was carried out on other trees whose resins have a similar perfume (but are not related to the styrax tree), like the Liquidambar orientalis and the Liquidambar styraciflua.This resin protects against psychic influences during sleep.

Copal incense resin 35g


In ancient Central American cultures, Copal incense was used for initiations and the search for divine visions. It opens the heart, illuminates the mind, it is refreshing and soothing, active in purification and protection, highly recommended for ritual offerings. "Food of the gods"; he opens the way to the Light. "It is an incense of purification that induces states of ecstasy, also known as" the intelligence that comes from the sky "It is found everywhere in the world and is obtained from various species of Burseraceae and dipterocarp (Manilla copal ).

DAMMAR incense resin 30g


Goloka Gum Dammar resin, also known as cat eye resin, is a light, white, milky-white resin that emits a slight lemony odor when burned, elevates the mind and illuminates the darkness of the skin. \'soul. Dammar resin is said to be particularly useful for fighting sadness, depression and melancholy.

Desert mugwort incense herbal


Aroma-based incense Artémesia desert

Artemesia (also known as "mugwort"). Element of the Earth - Action at the level of the body.

This type of Artemisia is a very aromatic perennial shrub typical of the undeveloped lands of the western United States; it is considered by the native Native American Indians as a powerful remedy against diseases of the spirit and destructive energies. it helps to combat negative thoughts and states of discouragement. Creates a connection between Mother Earth and the Great Spirit.

Juniper tips (USA) incense herbal


American juniper seeds (Juniperus monosperma). Fire Element - Spiritual Action.

This incense is very important to Native people in North America. It works on the body and mind as a detoxifier, and for these properties is used in the ceremony of the sweat lodge and during the "sun dance". It helps to fulfill the desires and requests formulated in prayer, the development of the capacity to accept all that happens and live with serenity. Its powerful scent is truly unique, so it\'s best to use it pure, unmixed with other essences, which will allow you to make a complete experience of its virtues.

Tonka beans incense herbal


Tonka bean - or Kumaru (tonka bean). Element of Water - Emotional Action.

This plant belongs to the family Fabaceae, already known as legume. It is a tree native to Central America and areas of northern South America. Its seeds are commonly known as Tonka beans; they are wrinkled and black, but the inside is smooth and brown. The fragrance is reminiscent of vanilla, almonds, cinnamon and cloves. Tonka beans give off a very sweet, spicy scent, similar to that of vanilla.

Verbena herb incense


Verbena or Druid Grass (Verbena officinalis). Element Air - Spiritual Action.

Verbena is one of the 12 "magic herbs" of the Rosicrucian tradition, and has been considered a sacred plant by the Celts; Druids used it during prophetic type rites. It stimulates clarity of mind and inspiration. It has a special connection with the planet Venus. Removes fear and insecurity, improves concentration and promotes problem solving. Supports transcendence and inner power.