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Incense grain and resin

Discover our wide range of resin incense through the biggest brands. Japanese incense, Indian Ayurvedic or Tibetan incense, they will delicately perfume your home and make you enjoy their benefits. Also find the incense grains spiritual and esoteric to use during your meditations.

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Verbena herb incense


Verbena or Druid Grass (Verbena officinalis). Element Air - Spiritual Action.

Verbena is one of the 12 "magic herbs" of the Rosicrucian tradition, and has been considered a sacred plant by the Celts; Druids used it during prophetic type rites. It stimulates clarity of mind and inspiration. It has a special connection with the planet Venus. Removes fear and insecurity, improves concentration and promotes problem solving. Supports transcendence and inner power.

Cardamom herb incense


Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum). Fire Element - Emotional Action.

This plant grows in Asia and Central America. The petioles of the leaves can reach 4 or 5 meters. It was the most used incense in ancient Egypt. Plant that has an aphrodisiac effect, also helps to calm nerves and mental fatigue, neutralizes unpleasant odors.

St John's Wort incense herbal


St. John\'s wort or St John\'s wort (Hypericum perforatum). It grows on grasslands, roadsides, bushes and dry soils. It has been traditionally used to ward off spirits and witches, it is also known as the "devil hunter". It is usually used in combination with other types of incense. It improves the intensity of the perfume with which it is associated.

Indian Guggul Resin Incense


Resin Incense - Indian Guggul (commiphora mukul)

Element water - Emotional action.

This resin is a sub-product of Pakistan and India, in dry areas. It is a very important remedy in Ayurvedic medicine, beneficial in case of problems of digestion and disorders of the pelvic organs of the woman. He enjoys the reputation of being detoxifying and disinfecting; used as incense, it has an aphrodisiac effect. In Nepal as in Tibet, it is used during magic and spiritual ceremonies. It reinforces the energies of the fire element, the negative energies, the ghosts of the mind, and refocuses on the essential. It releases the nervous system from all types of intoxication and relieves stress. "A strong sense of rest and the feeling of letting go of price". Also remove mosquitoes.

Indian Olibano resin incense


Resin Incense - Indian Olibano (Boswelia serata)

Element Fire - Action at the body level.

The incense obtained from Boswellia resin is the most used in the world, and it is an ingredient found in many cosmetic products and herbal remedies. It works very well on stress-related disorders and rheumatic-type pains. How incense it is generally used for purification, harmonization of subtle energies and meditation. It has a particular perfume, completely different from that of other incense, light and fresh that opens the mind and heals.

Gold Copal resin incense


Copal Gold has the same effect as Copal White. What is proposed here has been purified.

Element Air - Spiritual Action.

In ancient Central American cultures, Copal incense was used for initiations and the search for divine visions. It opens the heart, illuminates the mind, it is refreshing and soothing, active in purification and protection, highly recommended for ritual offerings. "Food of the gods"; he opens the way to the Light. "It is an incense of purification that induces states of ecstasy, also known as" the intelligence that comes from the sky "It is found everywhere in the world and is obtained from various species of Burseraceae and dipterocarp (Manilla copal ).

Incense resin Dammar Indonesia


Resin Incense - Dammar Indonesia (Canarium strictum)

Element Air - Spiritual Action.

It is the resin of a plant of the dipterocarp family, native to the forests of India and Southeast Asia. The name "dammar" means "light" in Malaysian, categorically empowers the mind, makes it lighter, and enhances inspiration.The fresh, clear, almost citric scent acts as a ray of light and sometimes stimulates clairvoyance. The heart filled with light against a heavy heart. "This incense warms, clarifies the mind, lifts the spirits, is fresh and bright.

Sumatra Benzoin resin incense


Resin incense - Sumatran benzoin (Styrax benzoin)

Element water - Emotional action.

It emanates a penetrating aroma of vanilla. Increases the feeling of security and inner peace. Traditionally used in magic ceremonies in the tropical forests of Malaysia and during sacred Islamic ceremonies (mixed with Aloe and sandalwood). Also used in the treatment of colds and bronchitis. Apart from these specific characteristics is theoretically equal to benzoin from Siam.

Encens résine Copal d'Afrique


Resin Incense - Copal Africa (Protium copal)

Element Air - Spiritual Action.

In ancient Central American cultures, Copal incense was used for initiations and the search for divine visions. It opens the heart, illuminates the mind, it is refreshing and soothing, active in purification and protection, highly recommended for ritual offerings. "Food of the gods"; he opens the way to the Light. "It is an incense of purification that induces states of ecstasy, also known as" the intelligence that comes from the sky "It is found everywhere in the world and is obtained from various species of Burseraceae and dipterocarp (Manilla copal ).

Styrax resin incense Calamitus


Block resin incense - Styrax Calamitus

Element of Water - Emotional Action. Also known as "Amber tree", it has been used since ancient times as incense and as an herbal remedy. In ancient times this resin was offered to the goddess Hecate, on the other hand, mixed with the street of Syria (Peganum harmala) and the bay leaves it was used by the oracles in their divinatory rites. Very relaxing and soothing in case of very strong emotional states, especially for those who have suffered aggression. A sweet scent of serenity. "A good time for a special occasion".

Herb Incense - Hyssop


Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis). Element of the air - the most effective on the mind.

Already in the Old Testament you will find texts on the salutary effects of hyssop. You can use it for bronchial disorders, but in moderation! Symbol of "innocence" it is considered as plant of the solar orbit. It restores the balance of chaotic and disordered personal thoughts, it also acts by strengthening the nervous system in case of neurological problems. It should be used with caution in pregnant women and in patients with hypertension or epilepsy. "Bring kindness into rigid hearts. "

Encens résine d'Ambre


Fire Element - Spiritual Action.

Amber is a fossil resin (20 - 200 million years old), derived from conifers, it is locally called "Northern Gold". The largest quantities have been produced by trees such as cedars, fir trees, junipers, cypresses and so on. The name given to it by the Sufi is "Father of aroma", while the Egyptians of antiquity and the Greeks called it "Stone of the Sun". Its strong and warm aroma tells a story of ancient times. Amber has soothing virtues, helps to overcome fear, strengthens memory and builds self-confidence. It combines well with benzoin and cedar.

Encens à base d'herbe Genévrier d'Himalaya


Himalayan juniper berries (Juniperus macropoda). Fire Element - Spiritual Action.

It grows in the Himalayas up to 4000 meters above sea level and has a very characteristic intense fragrance. People living in this region use this incense for the purification and protection of their homes and villages. It removes unpleasant odors and insects more than any other incense. It is called "food of the gods" for its particular use in shamanic rituals, during which it is used to summon spirits and obtain trance states.

Encens résine Sang de Dragon


Resin Incense - Dragon\'s Blood (Daemenorops draco)

Fire Element - Action at the body level.

The plants that produce the blood of the Dragon, grow spontaneously in the marshes of Asia, Africa and Australia, There is also a species in the Canary Islands (Dracena cinnabari) but we do not collect the resin. Magical powers are attributed to this incense, it also has important protective features and is suitable for ritual offerings on altars and sacred ceremonies. Associated with sandalwood, cedar or labdanum we obtain a very powerful mixture for the senses.

Encens résine de Benjoin de Siam


Resin Incense - Siam Benzoin (Styrax tonkinensis)

Element water - Emotional action. The benzoin is obtained by cutting the bark of the tree and collecting the resin that drips from the wound. In Asia it is one of the most important ingredients of incense. Its sensual fragrance, has a stimulating and aphrodisiac effect. Solicit imagination and inspiration, help with meditative concentration, arouse a feeling of euphoria and act like a gentle caress. This resin goes well with sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh, labdanum and tonka bean.

Encens à base d'herbe - Lavande


Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia). Element of water - spiritual action.
Lavender is one of the most important plants in natural medicine around the world. Today it is also used mixed with the incense of the churches. It offers goodness and purity, it has a pacifying action and calls for a good disposition of the heart in all the circumstances of life. Repels insects and mixes well with cedar wood, putty, oak bark, spruce needles and so on. "A Pacific impulse"

Encens Résine Opoponax Afrique


Incense resin - Opoponax Africa (Commiphora erythraea)
Fire Element - Emotional Action.
Its effects are quite similar to those of Myrrh. It enhances sensuality and acts as a stimulant, enhances fantasy and sensitivity and has a harmonizing effect. "In the here and now" This type of incense was used in purification rites to eliminate the negative forces that block the flow of energy either at the level of the body\'s channels or the Aura. Also suitable for shamanic and magical rituals.

Encens à base d'herbe


The roots of Vetiver (zizianoides Vertiveria, herbaceous tropical Asia, the aromatic part is made from the roots). Element of the Earth - action at the level of the body.

Since time immemorial, vetiver is appreciated for its fine flavor "The smell of renewed earth". He acts as "spiritual incense". In Ayurvedic tradition it is considered detoxifying. It focuses on the essential by increasing the feeling of reality, used as an aphrodisiac, it gives a deeper "body awareness". It combines well with sandalwood, benzoin and Opoponax. It also helps maintain body awareness during meditation sessions.

Encens à base d'herbe Menthe Poivrée


Peppermint (Mentha piperita). Element Air - Action at the body level.

Very popular for its medicinal and stimulating properties, performs a hot / cold type action transmuting yang into yin. Gives a strong impetus when one has to take action; it is fresh, strong, purifying, energetic and clarifies the mind and heart. Very useful for cleaning the environmental atmosphere. Peppermint is recommended to start your day.

Natural Camphor incense


The natural camphor (Cinnamomum camphora). Fire Element - Action at the body level.

It is only when this evergreen tree reaches the age of 50 that it begins to secrete bright red resin crystals. In the Himalayan region it is called "medicine for wild men". It can be used successfully to stimulate the dynamism of the person and strengthen the energy network. Increase Prana and Chi. Contributes to muscle relaxation, effectively supports cardiac activity, blood circulation and the vegetative nervous system. It emanates a fresh and penetrating scent that illuminates the mind. Do not use in the presence of children.

Encens à base d'herbe, Cypriol/Nagarmotha


Cypriol (Cyperus scariosus). Element of the Earth - Action at the level of the body.

This Cypriol belongs to the family Cyperaceae and grows in the Madhya Pradesh region of India. It is very rich in essential oils and gives off a very "oriental" perfume. It has an aphrodisiac effect, relaxing, calming of the nervous system and stimulating the mind. Its scent is "dark" and very spicy