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Incense bricks Aromafume White Sage


Aromafume incense bricks White Sage, nine pieces per box.

Caution: Can only be used with an exotic incense diffuser. These are specially designed to reach the right temperature for the diffusion of the aromas of Aromafume incense bricks and for safe use. Other devices are not suitable!

Natural blue sage natural strings 30g 12cm


United Nations Blue Sage
Purification, Purifies the sick room, removes negative energies. It is considered to be the most powerful herb for purification (aura, house, objects), to drive away evil spirits, disease and bad mood. Protection, intuition, wealth, well-being, brings a certain wisdom. Solar incense.
is part of the mercury incense
Increases longevity and wisdom,
provides protection,
wish fulfilment
used for divination

Sold individually

Incense with white sage from America


White Sage of America (Salva officinalis). Element water - action at the level of the body.

This variety of sage grows in Southern California, along the coast. In the tradition of natives of the place, it is used for a very specific purpose: to obtain healing energy, powerful, during ceremonies and rituals. American sage incense is the perfect medium for prayer and meditation. Strengthens faith, promotes vision and spirituality, purifies and revitalizes, increases intelligence and clarity of mind. Often used to clean the Aura and purify the vibration in the space in which we live.

Ayurvedic White Sage Incense 15g


White sage incense from the excellent brand AGARBATHI WORKS Ayurvedic.

Ayurvedic White Sage Masala incense sticks unique blend of rare herbs, flowers, honey, resins et oils. It is from tonic materials which gives you refreshing and soothing scent of White Sage Masala that lifts you beyond the realms of your dreams.
Chandan Masala incense sticks caress your mind and soul with its flavour right through the day and makes you long to go back to its presence. It touches your sences and lingers on and on creating a dreamy...

Smudge White Sage


White sage sticks, called Smudges Sticks or Smudges Bundles, are natural incense used in ceremonies, traditionally burned by Native Americans during the sweat lodge ritual.

Size 22 x 4 cm
Weight 60-75 gr

Natural Smudge Spray White Sage and Rose Aromafume


Space purifies your home from negative stagnant energy with a few sprays of Natural Smudge Spray from Aromafume. This sacred mist offers all the benefits of smudge, without smoke. Leaves a light, pleasant aroma that gently dissipates into the space, leaving it calm and energized.