Incense with white sage from America

White Sage of America (Salva officinalis). Element water - action at the level of the body.

This variety of sage grows in Southern California, along the coast. In the tradition of natives of the place, it is used for a very specific purpose: to obtain healing energy, powerful, during ceremonies and rituals. American sage incense is the perfect medium for prayer and meditation. Strengthens faith, promotes vision and spirituality, purifies and revitalizes, increases intelligence and clarity of mind. Often used to clean the Aura and purify the vibration in the space in which we live.






The sacred herb incense is sold in 30 ml bottles labeled with the name of the incense in Dutch.

Natural incense can be used for various purifying rituals, including the "cleansing" of the aura; it is suitable for burning on charcoal or in special incense burners (see the list of products).

Also available: brush for cleaning the sieve, tongs for handling charcoal and sifter and feathers of wild turkey to spread the aroma of incense. A special 125 mm sieve is available, turning it into an essential oil burner, if you remove the cup.


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6 g
30 ml