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Find our entire incense catalog with Indian incense and Japanese incense. Whether for your rituals and prayers, your meditations or simply for the incomparable scent of incense that transports us. Choose from incense sticks, cones or powdered incense from the largest brands of incense with natural ingredients and respectful of the environment.


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Goloka Tree of Life Incense


When the branches outgrow to gift the energy of life, pause and recline under the shadow. Infused wiyh the essence of giving life, the aroma of these incense sticks stays immortal in the environment, just like the tree of life.

7 chakras incense box


Each chakra is a multi-dimensional ball of radiant energy, a vortex forming an essential part of the energy matrix that supports the physical body, mind and emotions. Each is a doorway that can be opened to greater energetic, physical, and spiritual knowledge. Each of the seven main chakras represents a particular frequency of energy. Goloka seven chakra incenses are made with the appropriate fragrance for each chakra, which has the necessary effect of cleansing and harmonizing the energy center.

Tulasi sarathi incense red rose


Tulasi sarathi pink red

Drawing from it to attract tender, pure and romantic love. Protects health, healing, prosperity, stimulates peace of mind, tranquility, memory and without beauty, friendship, sincere feeling, powers.
Is part of the incense of Venus
very powerful for attracting good spirits,
For friendship

Box of 8 incense sticks

Incense Hem White Sage Hexa 20g


White Sage
Purification, Purifies the sick room, removes negative energies. It is considered to be the most powerful herb for purification (aura, house, objects), to drive away evil spirits, disease and bad mood. Protection, intuition, wealth, well-being, brings a certain wisdom. Solar incense.

Box of 8 incense sticks