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Find our entire incense catalog with Indian incense and Japanese incense. Whether for your rituals and prayers, your meditations or simply for the incomparable scent of incense that transports us. Choose from incense sticks, cones or powdered incense from the largest brands of incense with natural ingredients and respectful of the environment.


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Benzoin Goloka resin incense 50 g


Goloka Benzoin is a common ingredient in incense-making and perfumery because of its sweet vanilla undertone with earthy balsam notes and fixative properties.
Resin along with inhaled smoke, get into our nostrils and are detected by our smell receptors and their effects are transmitted to our brain, thereby stimulating the nervous centre. This also gives a warm feeling, stimulates the heart beat and improves circulation.

Botanical Name: Styrax tonkinensis - Origin: Thailand & Laos

Copal Goloka Resin Incense 50 g


Copal natural resin of the Goloka brand

Goloka Copal has a powerful, crisp, clearing, sharp Scent which primarily is used as an incense by ancient civilizations. It was often used in religious occasions, in the form of sacrifices to deities (typically designating the copal as food for the gods)

Botanical name: Protium copal - Origin: East Africa & Indonesia

Incense bricks Magic Lavender Aromafume


Gift box with 18 individually packaged incense bricks + 2 free incense bricks from one or other of the fragrances.

Magic Lavender
Aromafume Magic Lavander Incense is refreshing crunchy and energizing. Lavender flowers add freshness and enthusiasm by transporting you instantly into a Zen garden. The woody base notes blend harmoniously to release an exquisite aroma.

Caution: Can only be used with an exotic incense diffuser.

Incense resin Gum Dammar Goloka 50 g


Gum Dammar natural resin from Gloloka brand.

Goloka Gum Dammar resin, also known as cat-eye resin, a light, white resin whit a milky finish, which emits a light lemony scent when burnt, lifts the spirit and brings light to the darkness of the soul. Dammar resin is said to be particularity useful to combat sadness, depression and melancholy.

Bptanical Name: Shorea wiesneri - Origin: India & East Asia

Briques d’encens Aromafume + Diffuseur


Aromafume Fusion
Aroma Fusion est une boîte aux lettres contenant les meilleures variétés Aromafume: Rose Rose, Fleur de Cerisier, Melon Frais, Baiser Floral, Jardins Moghol, Lavande Magique, Karma Orchidée, Brume de Citron, Sandale Royale, Perle Orientale, Rosée de la Forêt, Mystère. Inclus in the confection the diffuseur Exotique d\'encens avec la bougie et le disque de liège pour une utilisation plus appropriée.

La méthode la plus efficace de diffusion de l\'arôme sous la forme la plus pure est aujourd\'hui rendue avec briques d\'encens. Aromafume Encens with an Diffuseur for exens for best effet.

Frankincense resin Incense Goloka 50 g


Frankincense natural resin of the brand Gloloka.

It was called frank because of the freeness with, when burned, it gives forth its fragance. Smoke emanating from burning Goloka Frankincense resins act as protection, purification, spiritual awareness & antidepressant. Christian and Islamic Abrahamic faiths have all used frankincense mixed with oils to anoint new born infants, initates and members entering into new phases of their spiritual lives.

Botanical Name: Boswellia sacra - Origin: Somalia & India

Incense bricks Aromafume Orchid Karma


Gift box with 18 individually packaged incense bricks + 2 free incense bricks from one or other of the fragrances.
Includes an information and instruction booklet in Dutch, German, English, Italian and French.

Orchid Karma
Aromafume Orchid Karma Incense welcomes a sweet floral aroma. A fresh blend of orchid, lavender, lily and Indian jasmine, this bouquet will enhance the entire space, adding a good karma on all sides.

Attention: Can only be used with an exotic incense diffuser.