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Organic and natural essential oils: Kementari Shop

Essential Oil

Find all our range of organic essential oils, to apply on the skin, to diffuse or to swallow. Essential oils are for all the family and provide an effective and natural help while respecting the organism and the nature. Each plant with specific properties we put at your disposal many species, some of which are essential. For each ailment, its essential oil.

Essential Oil

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Essential oil Ylang Ylang Ylang 10 ml


Ylang Ylang Ylang III Pure and Natural Essential Oil helps you both relax and recharge your batteries with its stimulating and anti-fatigue (physical, nervous and mental) action.

Very well known for its aphrodisiac properties, it is, wrongly, less known for its positive action against stress, nervousness and anxiety spikes.

Essential Oil Verbena-Lemon 10 ml


The Essential Oil of Verbena-Lemonade has great calming qualities and in all cases of nervous fatigue, anxiety, anxiety, depression, stress situation and allows to find a balanced inner nervousness often at the origin of these pathologies.

Patchouli Essential Oil 10 ml


Patchouli Pure and Natural Essential Oil is used for skin care because it stimulates the regeneration of skin tissues and will be used mainly for its interesting properties in the treatment of venous circulatory problems.

Grapefruit Essential Oil 10 ml


Grapefruit Essential Oil contracts and stimulates tissues, very useful in the care of oily skin, with acneic tendency, but also against pain or muscle fatigue by acting on lactic acid.

It has a diuretic action that promotes slimming by eliminating water retention problems.

Essential Oil of Mandarin 10 ml


Mandarin Essential Oil provides a widely used essence through its relaxing and calming action and blends perfectly with all Essential Oils of Cinnamon, Basil or Clove, but also Citrus Essences. It has calming and excellent properties to treat sleep disorders.

Lavender Essential Oil 10 ml


Pure and Natural Lavender Essential Oil is the most versatile and popular. It is very useful for treating a wide variety of problems and is widely used in aromatherapy. It is used in many treatments (massage oils, gels, infusions, lotions, soaps...).

Ginger Essential Oil 10 ml


Pure and Natural Ginger Essential Oil is a very effective anti-fatigue agent that acts both on the nervous system and on the whole body. It is quite versatile and capable of both slowing down hair loss and relaxing by filling up with energy thanks to its stimulating and anti-fatigue action.

Essential Oil of Geranium 10 ml


Pure and Natural Essential Oil of Geranium is interesting in all skin care because it is versatile (astringent, antiseptic, healing, illuminating, stimulating).

It balances the secretion of sebum, a fatty substance emitted by the sebaceous glands that preserves the elasticity of the epidermis.

Lemon Essential Oil 10 ml


Pure and Natural Essential Oil of Lemon is preventive and curative in all viral or bacterial infections. Air purification. Stimulation of the digestive system. Lemon essential oil also has a positive effect on microcirculation in preventing phlebitis and thrombosis.

Essential Oil of Sandalwood 10 ml


Pure and Natural Essential Oil of Sandalwood is excellent for dry, oily, chapped, cracked, dehydrated and dehydrated skin and skin ageing. It eliminates dead cells, reveals new, younger-looking skin and deeply nourishes the layers of epidermis.

Essential oil of sweet orange 10 ml


Pure and Natural Essential Oil of Sweet Orange has a wide range of therapeutic properties. It is anti-depressant, soothing and sedative, soothing for the mind and helps to relieve stress while helping you both relax and recharge your batteries with its stimulating and anti-fatigue action.

Globulus eucalyptus essential oil 10 ML


The benefits of organic globulus eucalyptus essential oil

The essential oil of globulus eucalyptus promotes the proper functioning of the respiratory tract.

Stimulating for the immune system: it is a good asset to fight against the flu and epidemics of winter.

Certified organic

Spray Bottle empty


These empty mixer bottles are ideal for making up Bach Flower Remedy combinations, or mixing the deeper acting Essences into any unique combinations.

Content ml 30