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Masala Om Ritual incense 15g


The mantra "Om Namah Shivaya" brings peace to the heart and joy to the atman or the soul. It means, "I bow to Shiva." Shiva is the supreme reality, the inner self. It is the name given to the consciousness that inhabits everything. This great redemptive mantra of five syllables is associated with divine love, grace, truth and bliss. It helps to realize self-realization by meditating.

Tibetan Herbal Amulet Nagpo Gujor (Health Protection)


Nagpo Gujor Pill (Health Protection) Nagpo Gujor is a traditional Tibetan method of protection against infectious diseases and epidemics. A mixture of Himalayan herbs and minerals, commonly used in the Tibetan healing system. According to this holistic method, sicknesses manifest firstly on the energetic level and later on the physical level. Prepared with care and devotion by Tibetan lamas and monks, the Nagpo Gujor pills, energized through their prayers and blessings, have the capacity to defend the body from infectious and endemic sicknesses.

Holy Lama Naturals Deodorant


A deodorant with 100% natural ingredients, suitable for all skin types.
Free of sulphates and parabens. Not tested on aminals.

Holy Lama Naturals Deodorant keeps you feeling fresh all day long. Its key ingredient is potash alum – a naturally occurring antiseptic mineral used to inhibit the growth of odour-generating bacteria. Our deodorant offers a healthy alternative to many other products, since the skin does not absorb this mineral. A botanical blend of pure vanilla, ylang ylang, petitgrain and rosemary will leave you feeling refreshed and confident.

Tabiano bio sulphur shower gel


The innovative action of Bio-sulphur with its powerful re-balancing, purifying, detoxifying, toning and revitalizing action, it is ideal for the daily cleansing of all types of skin. Its particularly gentle formulation deep-cleanses without dehydrating the skin.

NB: Information on packaging is only in Italian, English and Spanish!

Content ml 250

Bougeoir cascade Divine Selenite


\'Cascade Divine\' mood lighting or candlestick in Selenite

Selenite takes its name from Selena, Greek goddess of the moon, because of its moonlight. Exchanged between lovers, she brings reconciliation.
Selenite crystals are stones with strong vibrations. They are associated with the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. In particular, white or transparent crystals have a strong effect. Place a sphere of selenite in your room to create a peaceful and safe environment.

Tabiano bio-sulfur shampoo


Bio-Sulfur is innovative in its rebalancing, purifying, detoxifying, invigorating and revitalising action, combined with the best ingredients of the most advanced tricological research, excellent results are achieved in terms of tolerance, cleansing and protection. Especially suitable for the most demanding hair and for frequent washing.

Content ml 250

Offering bowls Stainless steel


Offering bowls are being used for sacrifice ingredients like incense, water, perfumed oil, etc. Usually these are arranged in sets of 7 in a meditation setting in a room, or on the altar.

Sold by unit

Size cm 7