Tibetan Herbal Amulet Nagpo Gujor (Health Protection)

Nagpo Gujor Pill (Health Protection) Nagpo Gujor is a traditional Tibetan method of protection against infectious diseases and epidemics. A mixture of Himalayan herbs and minerals, commonly used in the Tibetan healing system. According to this holistic method, sicknesses manifest firstly on the energetic level and later on the physical level. Prepared with care and devotion by Tibetan lamas and monks, the Nagpo Gujor pills, energized through their prayers and blessings, have the capacity to defend the body from infectious and endemic sicknesses.



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How to use: The pill should be worn touching the skin, as the heat of the body energizes the ingredients of the pill. The pill should never be eaten or wet. The pill is a preventative measure and will not heal sicknesses that are already manifest or in incubation. It is advisable to recite the following mantra to increase the blessing power of the pill: Om Muni Muni Maha Muni Shakya Muniye Soham.