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Bracelet black lava rock


This ravishing bracelet, made with black lava rock, will offer you courage, add to your willpower and favours perseverance. The stone can accentuate your way of acting, and will give you the persistance to conclude a project or plan to the very end.

Beads ± 6 mm

Bracelet tiger eye


Tiger eye is a quartz mixed with iron compounds, which provide the distinctive striped effect. Tiger eye has a strong connection with the sun and the solar plexus. The stone is warming, uplifting and \'burns\' negative influences. It revitalises and makes you feel more energetic. Supports the digestive fire, gastrointestinal function, eyes, liver and autonomic nervous system.

Beads ± 4 mm

Turquoise Paste Bracelet


The colours of turquoise can vary from apple green to deep blue. This stone was used by the original inhabitants of America, the paleo Indians, for supporting visions and making contact with the spiritual dimensions. Turquoise opens the third eye, makes the mind calm and clear, purifies and protects. On a physical level, turquoise supports the eyes, absorption of nutrients and metabolism. Turquoise helps to detox and counteracts acidification and inflammation.
This bracelet has been made with stablised Turquoise, not coloured.