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Yoga pants organic cotton & hemp men purple


These stylish yoga pants are made of hemp and organic cotton, a natural fabric that has great character. This fabric gives a very authentic, raw yet soft feel and is very comfortable to wear. These three quarter length yoga pants have an attractive slit at the calves and they come with side pockets. There is great detail in the bottom curve, which gives shape to the calves and looks cool rather than just a straight cut. There is also a lot of thread stitch in contrast colour details at the bottom, which gives an edge to this garment. The elasticated waistband and pull string make these pants adjustable to your comfort levels.

Yoga pants men black


This pair of practice yoga pants is an excellent seller everywhere. Most comfortable for practice, it is made from a soft blend of cotton lycra and the pattern is designed to provide great movement around the knees. We found the perfect blend of cotton and lycra to ensure the fabric has the right amount of soft touch. The maroon colour detail on the yoga belt and knees gives off a sporty effect. Relax and let the clothes fit you perfectly as you adjust the pull string on the elasticated waist. Wear them on the mat or off the mat, you will feel good in them. The pattern, the fit, the fabric, the details, all make this pair a great practice yoga pants.

Chakra Yoga pants men black


Classy, comfortable and cool. These men’s chakra yoga pants are one of a kind. The vibrant colours of the chakras down one leg energises the holistic aura. Made from a blend of cotton and lycra, the soft loose touch is flattering and perfect for practice. These yoga pants have an elasticated waist with an adjustable string. With an artistic flair of the seven chakras down one leg, the original colour of the chakras truly shine.

Yoga pants Yogi Practice men white


These "yogi practice" yoga pants are perfect for your class and are super comfortable. The hand painted yogi written on one side and the hand mudra on the other add to the fine little detail that makes you feel like a yogi on the mat. The belt has a brown detail at the back which gives shape to the waist. There is a drawstring for adjustment of the belt and the soft waist elastic adds comfort. Our hand painted yoga clothes both for men and women are all machine washable and lasting.

Yoga pants Sacred Tattoo men grey


These slim fit pants have been designed to keep your shape in posture. They hold great in inversions, as the cuffs are narrow. They are made with a fine blend of soft cotton and Lycra,  allowing for great stretching. There is an inside pull string on the waist that can adjust the comfort on the waist, as the elasticated waist keeps firm yet soft. The symbol of tattoo with a sacred Tibetan OM shines through and makes this garment both holistic and desirable.
There are two side pockets and the back of one of the calves has a lovely mudra in silver colour (our logo). Gone are those days when one just wore baggy pants to practise in. These stylish yoga pants will enhance your practice for sure!

Yoga pants 'Breath easy mantra' 1 size unisex


These pants are patterned to fit both men and women and look great. The wide belt has a Maha Mantra print on it and the detailed string in between the belt is to adjust the size. Once the belt is folded in half, it gives a feel of fisherman\'s pants. There is also a secret side pocket on the belt. These yoga pants are made of soft organic viscose material and have a lovely flow to them. The wide belt when worn high waisted provides warmth.