Kementari Shop: between Heaven and Earth 

Welcome to the Kementari Boutique. Our range is composed of organic and natural products for the body and face, male and female ethnic and bohemian clothing made from natural materials, zen and feng shui décor such as indoor fountains and bells, but also specialised products such as sacred geometry jewels, incense and candles. You will also find aromatic diffusers and essential oils for aromatherapy, Bach flower remedies, or minerals for crystal healing.

Whether you are looking for organic cosmetic products which are kind to your skin and the environment, stones or floral elixirs to aid your personal development, or simply attractive clothes or handmade costume jewellery, you’ve come to the right place.

Wellbeing Boutique

Organic wellbeing products made with natural ingredients to care for your body such as lip balms, shower gel, artisan soaps and organic body creams. We also offer a large range of products for baths, all organic, in order to combine caring for your skin with relaxation. The bath-bomb cupcakes are not to be missed.

Ethnic and bohemian clothing

Beautiful collections of clothing for men and women in ethnic or bohemian styles including loose trousers and harem pants, tunics, long and short dresses, jackets, skirts, shorts, t-shirts and suits, ensuring you have everything you need from daily wear to summer party outfits.

Zen and feng shui decor

A selection of zen or feng shui decorative items to make your home a peaceful a relaxing place which is pleasant to live in. Indoor fountains, zen gardens, bells, dreamcatchers, atomisers, salt lamps or atmospheric lighting… these are just a few examples of our range of zen décor products.

Candles and incense

Whether to please the senses, create a warm atmosphere or for meditation, we offer several kinds of candles and incense, made using natural ingredients and respectful of the environment.

Semi-precious stones and minerals

A large collection of semi-precious stones for crystal healing, meditation, or simply to decorate and harmonise your surroundings.

Freeform labradorite, amethyst druzy, rose quartz pebbles, rock crystal clusters, obsidian spheres, fluorite eggs and many others.

Essential oils and Bach flower remedies

A wide selection of organic essential oils, Bach flower remedies and floral essences which will help you with health problems or emotional issues. You will also find elixirs for your spiritual work.

Take care of your body and your spirit naturally, whilst respecting Mother Earth.

Kementari Shop offers all kinds of organic and spiritual products under one roof.

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