Chakra scented wax for incense burner

Illuminate your room with the aroma of these scented oil burner chakras. Scented with essential oils. One box contains 7 melted wax chakras + 1 free!

Packaging: recycled cardboard box.
Made in Indonesia.

Product specifications
7 + 1 Chakra bottom
Size per piece: 3 x 1 cm.
Certified Handmade & Fair Trade (WFTO).
100% vegetable palm wax from sustainable agriculture.
Scented with pure essential oils.
Colouring agents based on vegetable oil in compliance with REACH.
No petroleum-based waxes (paraffine).





Safety instructions and warnings
Use only in a burner designed to burn scented oils or waxes. Wax will melt when heated and may spill if the burner is moved. Do not leave the oil burner unattended. Do not heat on a cooker or fire. Do not add water to the wax. May stain fabrics and surfaces. Store in a cool place.

Chakra Fragrances
Chakra 1: Cassia - Clove - Nutmeg
Chakra 2: Cedar - Silver Fir - Rosemary
Chakra 3: Bergamot - Lemon - Grapefruit
Chakra 4: Lavandin - Orange - Tangerine
Chakra 5: Moroccan Rose - Chamomile
Chakra 6: Lavender - Mayweed - Silver Fir
Chakra 7: Patchouli - Labdanum - Incense