Wind gong Yin Yang 70 cm

The Windgong is a traditional Chinese percussion instrument. It is also very popular in the West. The black color of this gong is the original color it has when it comes out of the oven. The pattern is created by rotating the gong, thereby removing the oxidized outer layer.

A gong mallet is included for free. We also recommend ordering a gong bag, for safe storage and transport.





Wind Gong - "Wind Gongs"

Wind gongs are flat bronze discs, with little fundamental pitch, heavy harmonics and long sustain. They are made of electrolytic copper and tin. Traditionally, a wind gong is played with a large soft mallet, giving it a roaring smash to match its namesake.

Played with a nylon-headed stick, they sound a bit like the coil chimes of clocks. Some have holes in the center, but they are mounted like all hanging gongs by other holes near the edge. The smaller sizes (7"-12" /18 – 30 cm) have a more bell-like tone due to their thickness and small diameter.

yin and yang Yin and Yang is a Taoist concept that describes how seemingly opposing or contrary forces are actually complementary and interdependent, and how they arise in interrelation with each other. Everything has both yin and yang aspects: shadow cannot exist without light. The small black and white circles of opposite color remind us that nothing is absolute. In Yin there is Yang, and in Yang exists Yin.

The Yin Yang symbol is called Taijitu, but we know it as Yin Yang in the West.