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Discover our selection of statuettes and figurines on different themes such as ancient Egypt, the Zen atmosphere, spirituality, Africa or the fantastic universe to decorate your home according to your inspirations. Buddha statuette, cat figurine of the goddess Bastet, statue of angel and cherubim, fairy statuette or African crafts there is something for everyone. Whether ornamental statuettes for your home, religious decoration or support for your meditations, our figurines will meet your needs.

Statuette and decoration

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Joyful Heart Angel Figurine


Joyful Heart Angel Figurine, Ivory coloured with pastel coloured detail, made from polyresin. This figurine is of a beautiful angel with a dove on her arm.

Dimensions: Approximately 18cm height

Painted green Tara


Handmade and painted by craftsmen in Nepal.

Green Tara is a female Buddha, who helps everyone cross the ocean of suffering. Green Tara is depicted as a young girl or woman, playful and dynamic. She is sitting in a relaxed half-lotus position, with her right leg outstretched, ready to help others. The lotus and mudra in her left hand symbolize purity and power. His right hand expresses freedom and compassion.
Material: Polyresin
Dimensions: 12x8x15 cm
Weight 450 gr

Mini statuette Feng Shui frog red


The frog with a coin in its mouth is considered a bringer of luck. It is placed in front of the home, with its head towards the front door, so it will accomodate luck and prosperity into the house.

Size cm 8
Material Polyresin