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Discover our selection of statuettes and figurines on different themes such as ancient Egypt, the Zen atmosphere, spirituality, Africa or the fantastic universe to decorate your home according to your inspirations. Buddha statuette, cat figurine of the goddess Bastet, statue of angel and cherubim, fairy statuette or African crafts there is something for everyone. Whether ornamental statuettes for your home, religious decoration or support for your meditations, our figurines will meet your needs.

Statuette and decoration

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Joyful Heart Angel Figurine


Joyful Heart Angel Figurine, Ivory coloured with pastel coloured detail, made from polyresin. This figurine is of a beautiful angel with a dove on her arm.

Dimensions: Approximately 18cm height

Mini statuette Feng Shui frog red


The frog with a coin in its mouth is considered a bringer of luck. It is placed in front of the home, with its head towards the front door, so it will accomodate luck and prosperity into the house.

Size cm 8
Material Polyresin

Ganesh dancing brass


Ganesha (also Ganesh or Ganapati Tantra) is in the pantheon of Hinduism, but also in Buddhism, the god with the elephant head. He is the god of knowledge and wisdom, clears obstacles, and is the patron saint of travellers. Hindus pray to Ganesh before they start something new, or when they are moving. Ganesh is the sun of Shiva and Parvati.

Size cm 10
Weight grams 150

Angel statue of Grace


Beautifully detailed standing female angel, radiating the grace we all need.
Angel statue for meditation, contemplation, home decoration or as memorial statuette.

Comes in pretty full-colour box.
Size cm 22x14
Material Polyresin

Archangel Michael Statuette XL


Michael name means <one who is like God> or <one who looks like God>.

Archangel Michael is a leader among angels. They govern the angelic hierarchy of Virtue and help lightworkers discover the meaning of their lives. Its primary function is to rid the Earth and its inhabitants of the toxins associated with the earth. Extremely tall and handsome, the archangel Michael usually wears a sword, which he uses to free us from the trap of fear. When it is nearby, you may see sparks of light blue or violet light.

Michael guides and directs people who are disoriented, who do not know what is the meaning of their life or who are in a cul-de-sac career side. It is able to motivate people who are out of motivation or paralyzed by fear of action. 

Archangel Raphael Statuette XL


Raphael means "God heals" or "God healed" and derives from the Hebrew word rapha, which means "doctor" or "healer".

Raphael is a powerful healer of physical bodies, both in humans and animals. People who call on him quickly recover health.

Raphael is very sweet, caring, generous and tender and you\'ll know he\'s around when you see sparks or flashes of emerald green light.

Maitraya Buddha coloured


Handmade and hand painted by craftsmen in Nepal.

Maitreya Buddha - Buddha of Universal Love
Maitreya will be born after the Buddhist teachings of Gautama Buddha are completely forgotten. Maitreya will become the successor of the historical Buddha Shakyamuni. According to the prophecy, the coming of this Buddha will lead to the end of war, famine and disease and create a new society based on tolerance, compassion and love.
Material Polyresin
Weight grams 320
Size cm 14