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Organic shower gel

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Discover our range of organic and natural shower gel that respects your skin and the environment. Clean your body without harming it with our organic shower gels without parabens, dyes and synthetic agents. With their delicate fragrances they will awaken your senses while bringing well being to your body the time of a shower. Different natural shower gels are offered, with various scents and properties for even more pleasure.

Organic shower gel

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Shower gel lavender BIO


Do Travel to the French Provence...
This organic shower gel can be used daily.
An extreme pleasure, thanks to the olive oil, essential oil of lavender and soothing active surfactants of vegetable origin.

water, verbena floral water *, soft natural surfactants, essential oil of Lavandin *, protection agents, molecules naturally present in the essential oil.

Shower Gel with 18 herbs Ayurvedic BIO


This shower gel is formulated to achieve a balance WELLNESS / BENEFACTION through 18 beneficial herbs. The plants selected according to the uses by Ayurveda, the science of the life force, a native wisdom of India, bring you unparalleled smoothness in your relaxing gestures.