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Incense burner and censer: Kementari Shop

Incense Burner

Our incense burning collection

Find all our selection of burning incense and censer in various styles. Incense burner in wood, stone or metal of zen inspiration, oriental, esoteric or spirit of nature, there is something for everyone. You will discover models incense sticks for sticks but also incense censers in grains and powders to burn your incense safely. Among them incense burners from around the world.

Incense Burner

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Aromafume Exotic Incense Diffuser Flower of Life


The exotic incense brick diffuser is specially designed to burn Aromafume incense bricks. The exotic incense diffuser reaches the right temperature for the diffusion of the aroma of Aromafume incense bricks. Together, this diffuser and incense bricks form the most effective and cleanest way to diffuse pleasant aromas. No toxins are emitted and there is no production of ash or smoke!

Incense burner & storage box flower design


Incense (joss stick) burner & storage box - hand carved - flower design  

On both ends there are holes for placing a stick; during the burning of the incense, the ashes will fall directly inside the box. Below, there is a storage place for keeping a supply of incense sticks.

Special styling.

Size cm 30