AROMAFUME Flower of Life Incense Burner

Aromafume oil burner with Flower of Life motif, for the diffusion of essential oils. Create a pleasant atmosphere in your living room or during a treatment (massage).





Product specifications
Oil burner with wooden under glass
Delivered with tea light candle
Do not touch, move or leave unattended during use
Keep out of reach of children and pets

How to use it
1) Pour water into the burner pan
2) Add 3 to 8 drops of oil to the water
3) Light the candle and place it in the holder
4) Enjoy the perfume

Aromafume Naturals
Aromafume Naturals offers a collection of pure and natural essential oils inspired by nature. The highest quality natural essential oils fill each bottle with love. By burning these oils in your home, you will instantly feel transported to the green mountain forests and orchard valleys. The constantly evolving range of oils includes oils from all times: lavender, lemongrass, orange, peppermint, eucalyptus, incense, tea bush and rosemary, among others.

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