Encens Marco Polo's Treasures Paolo Santo 20g

Palo Santo (Burserea graveolens):

Origin: Ecuador.
This tree has been used since ancient times, including by the Incas, as a remedy for spiritual cleansing and for clearing spaces of negative energy. It repels mosquitoes and flies. It is an anti-anxiety and anti-depressant. It harmonizes the body, mind and spirit and helps to restore the inner balance. For this reason, it is called "The smell of the soul".





The incense sticks are entirely handmade. They bring peace and serenity, they are made in a calm and peaceful environment.

In ancient times the burning of incense was believed to bridge earth and heaven. And it was believed to bring man's prayers to the heavenly Gods. A precious resin was burned each time a decesion was to be made or during ceremonies. Today incense is rolled on sticks and burned for diffusing fragrances that help relax, concentrate and assist positive thinking. Incense is ideal for meditation, yoga, massage, astrological counselling as well as listening and playing music. The white sweet-smelling aroma of incense burning is the pleasant link between earth and heaven capable of dissolving the time dimension of reality. It brings back forgotten memories and sensations while reconnecting us to the universal. In 1988 Fiore D'Oriente was founded in partnership with a group of families in india to produce the best incense and provide with a fresh and pure product. This twinning has led to the establishment of a small incense factory of the highest quality in the city of Mandya (near Mysope) that was named Natural incense Company Pvt.Ltd. employing both indian and Italian men and women. Our incense is hand made, without compromise; with respect to nature and humanity.
This line of incense consists of base of 18 ingredients including precious woods, resins, herbs and spices plus the 33% special resin indicated on the package. The 18 ingredients are used as a basis for burning and releasing the fragrance selected in as clear and light manner.
Marco Polo's Treasures is a fascinating project. We have retraced and retrace physically every day "The incense route" to create genuine incens with primary resins, i.e. those that our grandparents unearthed in ancient times, whit the hope of awakening witchin us slumbering memories hand, perhaps, to relive for a short period moments from the past, offering you a tool that is highly useful for mrditation, prayer and all the holistic disciplines.


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