Light therapy lamp and dawn simulator with LED LIGHT ZEST

Lumie Zest is a portable device that offers both the functions of a dawn simulator and a light therapy lamp thanks to an LED lighting system.

The cure for seasonal depression when you go on a trip.



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Zest can be used as a wake-up light for a natural start to the day. Waking up with a gradual sunrise is a signal for your body to ease production of sleep hormones (e.g. melatonin) and increase those that help you get up and go (e.g. cortisol). Wake-up lights help to keep your sleep cycle on track, boosting mood, energy and productivity levels all day.

In addition, you can use Zest for bright light therapy in the winter months or when you're stuck indoors. Extra bright light is proven to put you in a better mood and make you feel more awake and using Zest every day will make a big difference to symptoms of SAD such as tiredness, over-eating and a lack of energy and motivation.

    15 or 30 minute sunrise to wake you up gradually
    Variable final brightness to create your perfect sunrise
    Optional alarm beep
    Timer for bright light therapy sessions
    Selection of light levels from 20% to 100%; choose maximum brightness for quick light therapy treatment
    Delivers the industry standard 10,000 lux at 25 cm
    White LEDs enriched with extra blue, the part of the spectrum known to regulate the bodyclock
    Recommended treatment time: 30 minutes at full brightness
    Handy size for home, work or travel (mains-powered) and ideal for use as part of a jet lag plan.


    Light source: 60 LEDs with a blue-enriched light spectrum
    Rated voltage (V ~ Hz): 100-240 ~ 50/60
    Service life (h): 30 000 (LED)
    Energy class: A
    Material(s): plastic
    Color: white
    Height (mm): 125
    Length (mm): 150
    Depth (mm): 35
    Weight (Kg): 0,28
    Timer: yes
    Electrical socket: Type C (CEE 7/16 standard)
    Certification: 0120
    Standard: EC, in accordance with the rules of the European Directive 93/42/EEC on Class IIa medical devices
    Made of: PRC
    Warranty (year): 2