LUMIE® BRAZIL® Light Therapy Panel

Power and line purity. Ideal for a light therapy session in a group or even with the family in the morning for breakfast. LUMIE® BRAZIL offers summer light all year round to raise your mood, stimulate your concentration and restore your energy.

Specially designed for trade shows, it is the most powerful light therapy device in the range of the English manufacturer LUMIE.
Medical approval CE-0473



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In the form of a light panel, this light therapy device is particularly recommended for group sessions. LUMIE® BRAZIL is one of the most effective and comfortable light therapy devices in the world.

One of the best light therapy devices available today for effective treatment! This light therapy lamp is equipped with a concave shaped reflector to concentrate the light radiation for effective treatment.

Appreciated by professionals for its practicality, design and obviously its pleasant light, it is the most powerful light therapy device, designed for use by several people to relieve the symptoms of Seasonal Mood Disorders (SAD) according to an avant-garde technology, which allows to obtain one of the most efficient, brightest devices currently on the market.

 Features and characteristics

Elegant model > Elegant model
> Integrated handle
> Equipped with a large reflector for good light diffusion and distribution
In clinical light therapy, the patient must be immersed in a large field of light to receive the necessary amount of light
> The screen is used to filter any residual UV emissions
> Power of 10,000 lux at a minimum distance of about 45 cm
This avoids being too close to the lamp, and therefore ensures a more comfortable treatment
> A fast processing time: from 30 to 45 minutes per day.
> It is the only light therapy device to use such white light.
White light means greater comfort and eye safety

3 x 36 W broad spectrum
H x W x D: 50 x 31 x 15
3-year warranty
Class 2a medical device
Weight: 2.85 kg