AURORA DIM Light Therapy Lamp

Aurora DIM is a light therapy lamp with a modern design that can also be used as a mood lamp.

It is an elegant light therapy lamp for the treatment of seasonal depression (SAD).

With its innovative circular design, this light therapy lamp is one of the most elegant lamps available on the market today.



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It is equipped with the latest technology: 2 fluorescent tubes of 36 Watt produce a homogeneous white light around the lamp, at a frequency of 30000 hertz.

Thanks to its low light surface, the light of the Innosol Aurora lamp diffuses a pleasant light, comfortable to the eye, non-flickering.

Accessible and small in size, you can easily place it on the table thanks to its very stable support. In addition, this lamp is equipped with a dimmer.

INNOLUX Aurora DIM is easy to move and takes up little space, even on a desk.

The lamp body is made of steel and a flexible polycarbon housing.

Features :

    Weight 2.0 kg
    Diameter 20 cm
    Height 69 cm
    2 Fluorescent lamps 36 W, 4 000° K
    Anti-glare and anti-uv cover
    Heavy base base smooth silver grey smoothed
    Flexible polycarbonate housing
    Dimmer switch
    Voltage 230 - 240 V, 50 Hz
    Electronic ballast
    Cord with grounding plug
    Treatment diameter 85 cm (2500 lux)
    Protection class IP20
    CE 0434 Medical Certification

Warranty 2 years, 1 year for the tube(s)

Made in Finland, certified by the FIMCO office