TRADITION Full Spectrum Straight Bulb 9 W 865 E27 (large screw base)

The traditional 2U and 3U Elecolight range has been selected for your domestic or professional needs, for standard use, at a lower cost.

 It respects the properties of light therapy bulbs: colour temperature, CRI, light characteristics. It has no therapeutic effect but provides a light for well-being.

It meets the lighting requirements of workstations. Bulbs are widely used in industry, crafts, commerce, public buildings, offices and private spaces.



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- Spectrum comparable to that of the sun

- Color Restitution: IRC (Color Restitution Index) of >82% for 2U and 3U 

- Energy saving bulb (80%)

- Lifetime of 10,000 hours

- Mercury level < 0.05 mg

- REM measured < 0.2 mV/meter