Yoga Om Yogi & Yogini Stick Incense

Premium incense from the Yogi & Yogini 'OM' series with Benzoin / Wood base fragrance
The perfect incense for who practices yoga and meditation, or just for people who are looking for the best Indian incense.





It will not be difficult to appreciate the pure ingredients and its mild aroma. When burned, this incense creates a sense of peace and serenity. It is a fair trade product involving many families in South India.

You are buying the finest hand rolled incense made according to 400 years old tradition. 100% naturel ingredients of honey, coconut shell powder, plants, gums, resins and vegetable and essential oils are used. No synthetic fragance or petrochemicals are used. Of the five senses, smell holds the most powerfully direct link to cur emotions and memories. A single whiff of a long forgotten fragance can instandy provoke a cascade of memories, transporting us back through time to a precise moment and place. Our pure incense is a potent metaphor for the sweet, ephemeral nature of life itself. Ou reaction to smell is primal and intense because we process olfactory stimuli directly through the limbic system - the area of the brain responsive for emotions, lust, hunger, memory and imagination. Olfactory sensation is perceived in the free spirited right side of the brain, rather than trough the analytical, rational left side. Nearly all of the world's spiritual traditions from catholicism, to judaism, to buddhism, to hinduism, to islam to paganism incorporate incense in their rituals. Incense is burned as a sacrificial offering during prayer and meditation. Naturel pure incense smoke delineates, purifies and sanctifies sacred and living spaces. Many herbs and resins possess strong disinfectant and antiseptic properties. It has purifyring power and the rising clouds of pure fragrance carry your prayers to any visualised direction.

Ingredients: These incense are made fresh with essence of flowers, herbs, woods, resins and honey, hand-rolled onto bamboo stick, nothing synthetic, completely nature.

Composition: 100% natural ingredients and essential oils
Number of sticks: 10
Weight: 13 g
Burning time: 20 minutes


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