Crystal singing bowl Flower of life note FA 432 hz + bag

Crystal singing bowl, beautifully decorated with a flower of life symbol, tuned note FA - comes with a carrying bag, a simple mallet and a rubber stability ring.





Expertly crafted crystal singing bowls produce wonderful, powerful sounds. Made from pure powdered quartz crystals heated to several thousand degrees, the heating process integrates the particles to form each bowl. Tuned to specific musical notes, the size of the bowl influences the pitch - smaller bowls create higher notes, while larger ones produce lower tones. Higher tones uplift and cleanse, while lower tones promote relaxation and grounding, although the effects can vary from person to person.

Note: Never place someone's head in a sound bowl or hit the bowl too hard near someone's head. Keep a safe distance between several bowls to avoid vibrations that could break them. In addition, ask about the potential discomfort to a person with metal prostheses or stainless steel ball joints in their body when using the bowl in close proximity.

A deviation of up to 2 Hz plus or minus is considered normal.

Crystal singing bowls
To explore their unique sounds, try different mallets such as those made of rubber, leather, felt or wool. Never use wooden sticks, as they could damage these vulnerable bowls. Each mallet produces a distinct sound and vibration, guiding you in choosing the right one for the desired effect. A suede and rubber mallet are included with this item.

When ordering a single-note bowl, be aware that it may produce a flat or high-pitched sound due to the rarity of perfectly tuned notes. Bowl sizes may correspond to more than one note, depending on factors such as weight, wall height and thickness, and bowl size ratings may vary depending on the manufacturing process and the precision of the tuning.

The combination of crystal bowls can create harmonics, generating different effects on individuals depending on their situation. In therapeutic settings, these bowls help to rebalance and harmonise, but it is recommended not to ring the bowl continuously for more than 15 to 20 minutes to avoid an energy overload. Always maintain positive intentions when you ring the bowl, as it becomes an extension of yourself during the process.

Specific chakras can be targeted using bowls set accordingly: first (MI) - grounding; second (LA) - creativity and sexuality; third (SOL) - self-esteem and prosperity; fourth (FA) - love and health; fifth (MI) - communication and creativity; sixth (RE) - intuition, psychic development; seventh (DO) - spiritual connection.

The tones of the crystal bowl can be enhanced by vocalising, combining with the power of thought or positive affirmations. Preparing with a breathing exercise and visualisations helps to create the right mood before ringing the bowl. The affirmations should be formulated positively in the present tense to facilitate the desired change in energy and consciousness.

Gently tap the bowl near the top edge and follow the sound around the bowl with the mallet for longer, louder sounds. Trust your intuition about movement and intention when using the bowl.

432 Hertz (Hz) Sound and music are made up of vibrations. The higher the number of vibrations per second, the higher the tone. The unit for this is Hertz (Hz). 432 Hz is the natural "pitch" of the universe. This tone is intertwined in nature, in mathematics, in planetary orbits, in the whole universe. All classical music by Bach, Brahms, etc., was originally composed and performed using the "standard" A (= A4) at 432 Hz. Our "432 Hz" series of crystal singing bowls are also tuned in this way. Not only are the notes in the 432 Hz range more pleasing to the ear, but they also ensure a harmonious resonance of your whole "being" with our planet and the universe. This natural resonance leads to greater well-being of body and mind.

Your FA
Size 20
Material Crystal
Total weight gr. 1780
Packaging Cardboard box