List of products by brand LITEPOD

Since working with the NHS in the 1980s to develop lighting products to help fight seasonal affective disorders, The Litepod Company; previously, Full Spectrum Lighting has focused its knowledge on producing a range of light therapy products to meet individual needs. Originally developing the best-selling Litepod Light Box, Full Spectrum also produces the Diamond Light Box range which allows short treatments in the white light spectrum. Litepod also offers a range of dawn simulators that allow people affected by SAD to enjoy a smooth start until the day they have trouble getting up from bed in the morning. Litepod products are there on Kementari.

Travel LED Pod Lite Pod


Small in size, the LED LitePod can produce a brightness of up to 10,000 lux.

It is the ideal light therapy device for your travels.

It helps to fight against the following symptoms:

- time difference;

- sleep disorders;

- energy drop;

- lack of concentration;

- seasonal depression