Wind Chime 136.10 Hz Frequency Om

Wind Chime 136.10 Hz Frequency Om

The syllable Om comes from Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language. This language is unique because each word resonates at a divine frequency which in turn resonates on the cells of our body. The frequency of the syllable Om is the original vibration of the universe, the sound of any generation and the embodiment of the interminable. Sanskrit is a poetic language; It is therefore difficult to give an exact translation of the word Om. It is translated into: the Source, God, All universal, eternity, without end.

Dimension: 78 cm
Material: Wood, Metal & Aluminum



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Product Features
Material: aluminum tubes, wooden support / wings / wind catch
Number of tubes: 5
Diameter of the tubes: ca. 1 cm
Tube length: ca. 22-42 cm
Frequencies: 544/817/1089/1361/1633 *

* Accuracy up to plus or minus 0.5%, multiple frequencies can be observed in a single tube.