Wind chime with divine frequencies

Wind Chime 432 Herz, The Divine Frequency
Does 432 Hz music vibrate on a divine frequency?

Dimension: 85 cm
Material: Wood, Metal & Aluminum



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Make the sound appear
It is said that the agreement on 432 Hz has a positive effect on water and therefore on our body because it consists mainly of water. In addition, 432 is considered a number with a special mystical value. The square root of the speed of light is 431.6, which round gives 432. The diameter of the sun is about 864 000 miles, or 2 x 432 000. The diameter of the moon is about 2160 miles that is 4320 divided by 2.

Music researcher Maria Renold tested the effects of 432 Hz and 44 Hz on listeners. She asked thousands of people in different countries how they responded to both sound frequencies. She said that 90 percent of listeners preferred 432 Hz tones. People described them as "correct, peaceful, complete and sunny."

Product Features
Material: aluminum tubes, wooden support / wings / wind catch
Number of tubes: 5
Diameter of the tubes: ca. 1 cm
Tube length: ca. 22-42 cm
Frequencies: 432/864/1296/1728/2160 *

* Accuracy up to plus or minus 0.5%, multiple frequencies can be observed in a single