Carillon à vent aux fréquences de l'amour

A recipe for the planet

Wind chime 528 Herz - Frequency of love
Imagine the beauty of the world with the vibration of love permeating the air?

Dimension: 80 cm
Material: Wood, Metal & Aluminum



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The frequency of 528 Hz is bioenergy for health and longevity. More and more people are awakening spiritually, mentally and emotionally and choosing to be in harmony with 528Hz. This healing frequency helps us move in harmony and elevate our spirit. Use the frequency of 528 Hz to develop human consciousness to its full power and potential.

Product Features
Material: aluminum tubes, wooden support / wings / wind catch
Number of tubes: 5
Diameter of the tubes: ca. 1 cm
Tube length: ca. 22-42 cm
Frequencies: 528/792/1056/1320/1584 *

* Accuracy up to plus or minus 0.5%, multiple frequencies can be observed in a chime.