Fiore d'Oriente Organic Herbal tea 4th chakra

Loose organic herbal tea, composed for the balancing of Chakra 4: Anahata.
With rose, lavender, lime, passion flower, achillea.

Herbal tea composed of flowers and leaves. Rose and lavender have a deeply harmonising effect on emotions and a relaxing action; hawthorn and passion flower are cardiovascular and antispasmodic
sedatives; lime is soothing and calming; achillea is digestive and stimulates circulation. Great help in case of insomnia, circulatory disorders, autonomic dystonia, spasms and irritability.*

Packaging: Cardbord box



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Product specifications
100% organic ingredients

How to use
1 tablespoon in 250ml boiling water, infuse for 20 minutes. Filter and drink two cups a day.

*This information is not based on scientific research, but on experience by herbal therapists and users. When in doubt about your health, consult a physician.


Data sheet

50 gr