Citronella incense TULASI SARATHI

Citronella incense





Citronella incense of the brand TULASI SARATHI.

Herbaceous plant with long, linear leaves, erect, 90 cm to 2 m long, with rough and sharp edges, pale blue-green in color. Hollow stems, bulbous at the base, wrapped in the sheath of the leaves.

Lemongrass, lute verbena (or Indian verbena), or lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus), is a tropical herbaceous plant of the family Poaceae (grasses), subfamily of Panicoideae, tribe of Andropogoneae, grown for its stems and leaves with qualities aromatic (with lemon taste). It contains citronellol.

Common names: Lemongrass, lemon grass, Indian verbena, Fipagrass in Bandjoun (Cameroon).

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