Byakudan Eiju Sandalwood incense 24g

Byakudan Eiju Sandalwood Incense

One of the main types of fragrant wood is sandalwood, which is known for its sweet and rich scents. It is thought that he brings tranquility into the minds. Byakudan Eiju is composed mainly of top quality Indian sandalwood and medicinal plants, which deliver a full-bodied fragrance.

Burning time: 30 minutes.



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The ceremony of incense or "koh-dho", is a real art of living. Born in the year 600 in Japan, it quickly became a popular practice. And if the incense is known for its olfactory qualities, we must not forget its spiritual use. In Japan, it is assimilated to purification, to reach the state of inner peace. Thus, the benefits that flow from it are many: the incense awakens the senses, eliminates the toxic elements contained in the air, and purifies the body and the spirit.

To reproduce this ritual at home: kneel on your carpet, and choose a scent you want to burn: cinnamon, sandalwood, cedar, cypress ... Then, light the incense stick and enjoy the fragrance by indulging in a restful activity. Japanese incense emits much less smoke than Indian incense.

About 50 sticks.