Incense Nandita Dehn Al Oudh 15g

Dehn al Oudlh stick incense from the brand Nandita.

Box of 15 sticks



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Nandita Incense is a unique blend of rare herbs, flowers, resins and essential oils. When you light a Nandita incense, you ensure a safe and natural experience. All ingredients in this unique product are purely natural, non-toxic and ozone friendly.

The incense of Agar wood brings improvement on the mind, the psychic and the spirit:
Calming and relaxing, it suppresses the negative energies of the body, and improves perception, reduces anxiety and invokes a sense of peace, vigor and harmony
Remove obsessive behaviors and help create harmony and balance in your home
It is used and recommended by spiritual masters to provide inspiration and conditioning for meditation, attaining inner peace and serenity
Use by Buddhist monks to bring a connection between body and mind functions
Improves the reception of the senses and opens the mind, while calming the main functions of the human body

Incense of the brand NANDITA

Box of 15 sticks


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