Feet singing bowl with decorations

Inside singing bowl - beautiful engraving of Buddha's feet and the seven chakra symbols.
Outside singing bowl - flower of life symbols, eight Buddhist Auspiscious symbols and the mantra OM MANI PAD ME HUM.

Size 50 cm



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Instructions for use
This singing bowl can be used for regular singing bowl sessions and taking a sound bath by standing in the bowl, or while sitting on a chair, with the feet in the bowl. Be mindfull that the feet don't touch the side walls.

Handhammered singing bowls
Beaten or hand hammered singing bowls are made by way of a complete hand hammering process. Every single singing bowl is carefully hand beaten, which requires several processes to finish up and shaping it into a perfect hand hammered singing bowl. In the making process, first the various composition of metals as raw materials are melted in furnace, depending on manufacturing needs such as for the making of bronze singing bowls or for seven metal singing bowls. The hot melted metal is removed from the furnace and poured into dice to prepare a metal mould for the various sizes and weights. Then, the round metal moulds are cut into round metal discs in needed size and thickness. After that, these discs are hand beaten or hammered, after precise measurement and categorized for weight and sized bowls. Regarding the hand hammering process of singing bowls, 4 to 5 metal discs are piled up, one upon the other, and then heated to red hot. The red hot metal sheets are hammered by a group of expert artisans, as long as the heat remains in metal, and then again processed to red heating, for a continuous beating process. This heating and beating  of the bundled and piled up metal discs continues until a desired shape and size is formed. (That is why the hammered or beaten singing bowls will be proportionately different in a size and diameter with each individual singing bowl.) During the hammering process of these singing bowls, the metal disc can only be hammered during the time of being red hot, while it remains soft and flexible. Because when the metal gets colder, it will loose its softness and flexibility, which in turn makes the metal brittle and thus the bowl could be ruined. The reason behind this intensive working process is that the metal content (bronze or seven metals mixture) is very sensitive to heat and gets harder when it looses its hot temperature and will get cracks and breaks.

Product composition
Composed of 8 (noble) metals: copper, tin, nickel, zinc, iron, lead, silver and mercury.
The percentages of the 8 metals, the diameter and the thicknesses of the various types of singing bowls, provide the specific sound and overtones of each singing bowl. Each bowl therefore is unique.


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Bowl size
50 cm