Shamanic Buffalo Rattle Painted Navajo

The round rattle head is made of leather, molded, crimped then hand painted by the artist then coated to protect it. You may notice that some rattles have a crystal or arrowhead on the stem. the color of the paintings and the pearls are random. Each rattle is accompanied by a small signed certificate of authenticity  (can be seen in photo).

Overall length of rattle varies from about 15-17 cms (about 6 inches). This length excludes leather tassels.



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Use of a shamanic rattle

The shamanic rattle is a very old shamanic tool. He is a brewer of vital energy. The rattles are dedicated to a shamanic or therapeutic, personal or shared practice. They allow the transition between the worlds and promote the shamanic journey. It is a tool of transformation. The sound of the shamanic rattle interrupts the mind to access other levels of consciousness. For this, rapid and regular use is recommended. Used in spiritual rites, the rattle allows to express all the inner healing potential and to relate to the great whole or the Great Spirit. The rattle diffuses its vibrations in all directions. The shaking of the rattle symbolizes the vibratory movement of cosmic forces.

Used by sound therapists for energy, vibratory or healing care, the rattle is used to open a session, to make a diagnosis, to harmonize, to clean and then to seal the care of a person or a place .

The rattle can be used as a diagnostic instrument in curative extraction work, and to locate regions of energy imbalance in the human entity. With a drum it opens the circle, announces changes of pace and ends the session. The rattle also has its place in song circles.

The rattle can be used regularly for personal cleanings, especially at the level of the Solar plexus, as well as to purify the house. The rattle accompanies us on our spiritual walks through nature. He is by our side during our rituals and soul chants. Shamanic rattles are living beings, loyal friends.