Chakra scarf indigo

You can use a chakra balancing scarf for balancing your own energy field (the aura). The colour of the scarf stimulates equilibrium and healing, and will make your aura stronger.



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Chakra 6: Brow Chakra

Properties of the personality:
Intuitive, fearless, practical, idealistic, wise and a wisdom seeker. Indigo stands for self-responsibility – to take responsibility for your own life, to be responsible to follow the path of your soul, and also to trust your own intuition. This is conntected with the ability to “witness” from a higher point of view, instead of only living to satisfy the ego or your material needs.
The indigo energy will bring us in contact with our unconscious mind, and will make us experience being part of the whole. Will enhance intuition, imagination, paranormal abilities and the power of dreams.

Imbalanced aspects:
Not being able to trust your intuitin, deranged mind, shows indifference, inattentive, have blinkers on.

Viscose is a natural product that will show its colours beautifully. It's soft and smooth.
You can launder viscose the same way you would do cotton clothing.

Size cm 70x200