Chakra scarf orange

You can use a chakra balancing scarf for balancing your own energy field (the aura). The colour of the scarf stimulates equilibrium and healing, and will make your aura stronger.



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Chakra 2: Sacrum

Positive aspects of the personality:
Enthousiastic, joyfull, social, energetic, sportive, confident and with positive attitude. Orange is the colour of succes and represents self-appreciation and a zest for life. Orange supports emotional stability and expansion. Stimulates a positive relation to our senses and makes us at the same time self-reliant and social.

Unbalanced aspects:
Withdrawn, reckless, melancholic, dependent.

Viscose is a natural product that will show its colours beautifully. It's soft and smooth.
You can launder viscose the same way you would do cotton clothing.

Size cm 70x200