Absolute perfume spray ORGANIC Tiara - roll one

This roll-on perfume with essential oils of ylang-ylang and orange makes it easy to let go and relax.

Thanks to its massage ball, the roll-on increases the effects of essential oils tenfold to act on emotions and bring more well-being.

Sweet and exotic notes of frangipani flower and coconut on a vanilla base in this sunny fragrance.

Active essential oils:
Tangerine: relaxing, promotes sleep
Orange: soothes
Ylang-ylang: helps you let go
Absolu Tiaré is a powdery solar scent, both fresh and sensual.

The eaux de parfum are composed of wheat alcohol, essential oils with active ingredients and 100% organic floral waters adapted to each scent.


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100% natural efficiency

Expert in the creation of organic perfumes, Acorelle has surrounded itself with professionals such as Patty Canac, olfactologist and Philippe Collet, perfumer based in Grasse, to offer you sophisticated, quality and Ecocert certified eaux de parfums.

Healthy for your body and the environment, roll on Acorelle eaux de parfum contains no phthalates, chemical fixatives or nitrated musks. They are composed of organic wheat alcohol, organic floral water and 100% natural perfume concentrate.

The organic blueberry floral water contained in this roll on Absolu Tiaré has softening and soothing properties and supports the main notes.

100% wellness formula

Inspired by the principles of olfactology, roll on Acorelle organic eaux de parfum are composed of active and perfuming essential oils, which act on emotions.

Thanks to its massage ball, this roll fragrance has been applied to the energy points, increasing the effects of essential oils tenfold to act more on your emotions.

The compact 10 ml format can be taken anywhere and fits easily into your handbag.
A fragrant touch-up according to your mood and the rhythm of your day.

3 major families of scents have been developed to provide the most natural well-being: Energizers, Balancers and Soothing.

Absolu Tiaré is a balancing agent composed of 3 essential oils with complementary properties to bring calm and comfort and promote positive energies.

Mandarin essential oil has a relaxing action that promotes sleep, Orange brings calm and soothing and Ylang-Ylang facilitates relaxation.

100% natural pleasure

This solar scent is both fresh and sensual. Its sweet and exotic notes of frangipani flower and coconut blend perfectly with the vanilla base of this sunny fragrance.

Olfactory pyramid

Family: Oriental Gourmet

- Top notes (perceptible for about 30 minutes): Orange and Mandarin

- Heart notes (dominant until 4 am): Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine and Tiaré

- Base note (persistent for 6 hours or more): Vanilla

Tips for use:

Apply with a light massage on the energy points: inside the wrists, plexus, hollow of the neck.


Data sheet

10 ml