Milan M900 Massage and Relaxation Chair

The most advanced relaxation and massage chair.

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Semi-professional use

- LED display for quick and easy control: quickly and easily controls any sensation the user wishes to perceive. You can choose between the 6 predefined programs or choose a type of massage and the part of the body you want to treat.

- Arm air massage: an airbag system completely wraps your arms.
- Massage and vibration for thighs and buttocks: this function is perfect to remove the feeling of heavy legs.
- Triple action focused on the lumbar vertebrae: triple action of roller massage, air pressure massage and therapeutic heat.
- HRI Back Analysis System: The HRI program analyzes the body's pulsations while the rollers run the entire back. The chair identifies stressed areas to provide more appropriate treatment.
- Zero-G function: 3 adjustment positions to reach an ideal position during massages and improve results. Weightlessness feeling with Zero Gravity Technology.

- Intelligent leg position adjustment: the massage will automatically adapt to your body shape. The adaptation is perfect in relation to the anthropomorphic dimensions of the user.
- Spinnal adjustment: the optical sensors detect the position of the shoulders and the size of the user in order to perform a custom 3D massage. The exact position of the back is thus established for a perfectly adapted massage.

- Heat massage: by activating this option you will receive all the benefits of heat in your lower back. A real therapeutic massage, the heat helps to relax the muscles in depth.

- Reflexotherapy: a foot massage helps to release all tensions.

- Head Massage: This air pressure massage helps to eliminate fatigue.
- Music: The massage chair has a socket for connecting a music player.

Permanent stress, hectic work and a particularly active life end up leaving their effects on the body. The spine gradually accumulates all kinds of trauma, until the day when the limit is crossed, leading to the appearance of various pains and delicate to treat. Our back is constantly solicited and paid particular attention to it to help it regenerate itself.
Surprisingly simple to use for such an advanced model, this massage recliner will help you maintain your body and relax in depth. The massages performed by the M900 are of a professional quality; they look like those performed by a therapist, at your request and as often as you wish.
It is also very well suited for use in the workplace by employees in a relaxation area for example.


Types of massages

KNEADING MASSAGE: A circular massage that effectively relaxes the entire back by strengthening muscles and relieving tension.
TAPPING MASSAGE: A gentle and pleasant massage that simulates tapping all along the back by agile and expert hands, thus promoting the circulation of oxygen in the body.
WAVELET MASSAGE: An innovative combination of tapping and kneading massage. A function that multiplies the relaxing and beneficial effect of both massage modes.
PUMMELING MASSAGE: Massage that simulates the passage of the joints all along the back, which promotes relaxation of the back and blood circulation.
SHIATSU MASSAGE: You will feel like a physiotherapist's finger is running across your back through the strategic acupuncture points on your back.
MUSIC THERAPY: Synchronize the different massage functions (modes, power and amplitude) with your favorite music, thus increasing the relaxing effect of the selected melody.
Back massage mechanism

Vertical massage performed over a length of 70cm.
Horizontal massage performed over a length of about 3.8-24.5 cm.
Massage speed: 26-44 times/minute.
Tapping speed: 200-580 times/minute.
Back angle of inclination 115º - 160º.
Footrest tilt angle 0º - 90º.
Automatic massages with the possibility of adjusting 3 power levels

HEALTH CARE (Health Care)
This automatic program has massage functions on the neck and lumbar area.  This complete massage results in complete muscle relaxation and takes care of the user's health.
RELAX (Relax)
The whole body relaxes with the Swedish style massage with the application of multiple massage functions on the back. Possibility to adjust 3 power levels.
RECOVERY (Recovery)
This includes a full back massage and a foot massage as well as different procedures to strengthen the legs and foot massage.  Stimulates massage for acupuncture points on the soles of the feet, relieves fatigue and provides a refreshing effect.

ANTI-STRES (Anti-stress)
With the stretching of the back tendons and hock ligaments (this is the part of the leg opposite the part where the knee bends), relieves muscle and bone fatigue.

AIR (Air)
Complete air massage on the shoulders, lumbar area, seat, calves and feet combined to stimulate blood circulation.

Duration of the massage
The default massage duration is 15 minutes, but it is possible to choose a duration of 5 - 10 - 15 - 20 - 20 - 25 - 30 minutes.
A mobile technician service will come to your home to repair the wheelchair if an intervention is necessary.

Technical characteristics of the massage chair:
    Gross weight: 104 kg; Net weight: 96 kg; Maximum user weight: <120 kg
Dimensions vertical position
    120 x 150 x 93 cm (H x L x W)
Dimensions lying position 95 x 190 x 93cm (H x L x W x D)
Electrical data Voltage 110-240V ; Frequency 50-60Hz ; Power 215W
Security Class I
Massage Buttock massage (seat): vibration
Leg massage with airbags
Selection of massage on a customizable back area
Spot massage selection (localization of massage on a specific point on the back)
Rolling massage on neck, shoulders and back
Arm massage
Hip wrap (with airbags)
ZERO-G System (Zero Gravity)
HRI (Heart Rate Indicator) back analysis system
Thermal Massaging System of the back
Reflexotherapy system
5 Predefined programs
1 Customized programs (memorable)
6 Types of back massage
Features and characteristics
    Micro-adjustments by mobile wheels
Possibility of being used as a "traditional" chair
Electric back and leg tilt adjustment independent
Optical sensors for personalized 3D massage
Intelligent and automatic leg length adjustment (self-adjusting foot massage)
Connector (type "jack") to the audio device (external. not included) + HI-FI headphones
Material Leather appearance (PU)
    2 years