All-purpose cleaner concentrate orange

This cleaner is a useful all-round cleaning concentrate for your entire household. Its natural aroma of orange will put you in a cheerful mood.
Simply adjust the mixing ratio to wash your clothes, clean your floors, windows, carpets, upholstery and to remove all kinds of stains.

Packaging: PET bottle with info in English.
Made in: Austria


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Product specifications
All-Purpose Cleaner, Kitchen & Surface Cleaner
Also suitable for laundry
Combats and removes even the most stubborn stains
Washing machine: 25 ml for 3 kg | 30 - 95°C
Stain remover: 5 ml
Glass & surface cleaner: dilute 5 ml in 500 ml of water
All-purpose cleaner: 50 - 60 ml diluted in 7 litres of water
Flooring: 5 - 10 ml diluted in 7 litres of water
Carpets/upholstered furniture: 60 - 80 ml diluted in 500 ml of water
Toilet cleaner: 3 - 4 ml in the toilet
Certificates: Austrian Organic Guarantee, Original Dermatest

15-30% anionic surfactants,> 5% non-ionic surfactants, perfumes (orange oil *)

* Organic


Data sheet

510 ML